Air Conditioning (A/C) and what it means to you.

Over two-thirds of modern vehicles in the UK are fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard. Many people use air conditioning regularly in their vehicles so as to be more comfortable in hot weather and also to help de-mist their windscreen in cold weather.

You may not, however, be aware that a percentage of refrigerant is lost from your vehicle’s air conditioning system each year. This then allows a build-up of fungus and bacteria. You may notice a peculiar smell coming through the vehicle’s air vents and that can sometimes lead (in extreme cases) to an allergic reaction.

Systems that are not fully re-charged put more strain on the engine, which consequently uses more fuel whilst running. Car manufacturers recommend your air conditioning system is re-charged with gas and lubricant every 2 years in order to keep it running efficiently and economically.

‘Topping up’ is not a service and although it works for a short while it doesn’t represent value for money overall. The longer you leave the service interval the greater the chance of a major A/C component, i.e. compressor, condenser, evaporator etc breaking down, necessitating avoidable expensive replacement.

Servicing air con. systems is not part of a standard service so if you haven’t had this done separately in the last two years, your vehicle will definitely be due for routine maintenance. Here at Frey Clement we have the latest air-conditioning technology, Eco 3000. Our air-conditioning service includes:

  •  Removal of all gas from the air conditioning system
  •  System vacuumed and then checked for leaks
  •  Lubricating oil and dye added
  •  System re-filled with new gas & output temperature checked in line with manufacturers’ recommendation

The service takes a minimum of an hour and you will need to book an appointment.
Call us on 020 8994 0253.

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