Second-hand tyre with repaired sidewall

TYRES, what are they worth?

They are your only contact with the road surface!

How do you choose a replacement when needed? Top brand, mid range budget?
Some may even opt for second-hand?

Please don’t. We believe they represent poor value for money and may even cost you your life. With a new tyre you have a comeback in the event of any defect. Used tyres have an unknown history, and maybe have run under or over inflated. This can lead to weakening of the tyre’s structure, which could lead to premature tyre failure, often happening with little or no warning!

An example below is a second-hand tyre bought by a customer recently with a repaired sidewall which will be most likely to blow at motorway speeds. Frightening!

Our advice would be to purchase the best possible tyre appropriate for your vehicle, budget and usage. If you are unsure what to buy, please call us at Frey Clement in Chiswick. We’re happy to help.

Second-hand tyre with repaired sidewall