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Driving in winter with adverse weather conditions

Driving in winter with the adverse weather conditions we are having at the moment and longer periods of darkness can make driving and your journey more hazardous. We would recommend that if the weather is really bad that you avoid driving completely, unless you absolutely have to make the journey and driving is the only […]

TYRES, what are they worth?

They are your only contact with the road surface! How do you choose a replacement when needed? Top brand, mid range budget? Some may even opt for second-hand? Please don’t. We believe they represent poor value for money and may even cost you your life. With a new tyre you have a comeback in the […]

Spring car maintenance advice from Frey Clement

After this amazing spring bank holiday weekend, better weather is hopefully here to stay! Now is the time to give your car a thorough clean. Give it a good pressure wash to all areas to remove any winter grime and more importantly road salt. Any areas like in the picture need to be cleared and […]